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Graflex Service, Western Division

In 1993, Graflex Western Division sold their stock of parts to Midwest Photo Exchange (614-261-1264, fax 614-261-1637). In June 1995, Midwest sold this stock to Fred Lustig although they still maintain a stock of parts cameras and still sell plenty of Graflex items. Midwest refers their customers to Mr. Lustig for parts and service.

Here are prices from Midwest, as of 1995 (prices subject change):

Graflex Canada

Another source for parts is Chris Hale. Chris now owns all the spare parts from Graflex, Canada. If you are prepared to deal with customs issues, you can buy parts from him.

Stephen Shuart of Kane, PA

Another good source for Graflex parts is Stephen Shuart. He regularly has an ad in Shutterbug. Here is a sample section from his ad:

        These are reproductions made of high quality
        material, unfinished.  Resist warping&shrinking.
        Drilling and mounting at a nominal charge  All boards
        are unfinished.  Custom boards made to order.
        4x5 Pacemaker Crown/Speed       $20
        Stephen Shuart

See also the list of Commercial Web Sites selling Graflex cameras.  Some have parts and books.


For certain parts sch as Adapt-a-Roll film holders, you may need to use graphite (the carbon product, not a Graflex product), or one of the newer alternatives such as Molykote. For more information, see lubricants.

Lens Boards

Rangefinder Adjustment and Repair

Rangefinder image weak/lacking contrast


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