Where Can I Get a Speed Graphic?

Since we are talking about 30-50 year old equipment, you can't buy one at your local K-Mart. You'll have to use a little ingenuity. You can

Commercial Sites

This section contains the following lists:
[Web Sites for Dealers of Graflex & Speed Graphic]
[Other Lists of Used Equipment]
[Classified Ad and Collector Sites Selling Speed Graflex]
[Manufacturers of Classic Equipment]
[Sources for Film and new large-format accessories]
[Parts & Repair]

Be sure to visit our list of other exciting web sites on related topics.

Web Sites for Dealers of Graflex & Speed Graphic Equipment

Other Lists of Used Equipment

Classified Ad and Collector Sites Selling Speed Graflex equipment

Manufacturers of Classic Equipment

Below are the web pages of manufacturers who used to (or still do) make classic equipment.

Sources for Film

This section lists sources for unusual films, except for 2x3 sheet film which is listed there.

Parts and Repair

And, if you can't find what you're looking for in any of the above sites, see the
giant list of used camera stores on the web.
Every store in the list has a listing of their used stock.

Do you know of a site that belongs here? Let us know!

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