Super Graphic / Super Speed Graphic

The Super Graphic and Super Speed Graphic were made from 1956-1973.

The two models are near identical: the Super Speed Graphic has a 1/1000 sec Graflex Optar lens, the Super Graphic does not. The series uses rangefinder cams similar to (but not interchangable with) the top-RF Speed/Crown.

The chassis is cast metal, like a Linhof, rather than composite (wood/metal). The Super Graphic is more compact than the Pacemaker.

There is an electric powered body release for the shutter and a flash guide number calculator coupled to the rangefinder. The rear focal plane shutter has been discontinued.

The back revolves 360 degrees.

The front standards has a full range of rise, shifts, tilts and swings, an improvement over the Pacemaker series:
Tilt Backward/Forward +/-15 deg
Swing +/-25 deg
Shift L/R 1/2"
Rise 1 1/8"
Drop bed 15 deg
Bellows Extension 12 1/2"

Super (Speed) Graphic Features from a Graflex Brochure

Flexibility of all movements permits adjustment for composition and dpth of field. Front lens standard tilts forward and back, swings right and left, and shifts right and left.
Shutter and flash may be tripped electrically from button conveniently located on top left side of camera.
Interchangeable cams match lens to integral rangefinder, focusing scale and flash exposure calculator.
Automaic focusing scale located conveniently on top of camera. Combined with flash exposure calculator.
Revolving back permits horizontally and vertically composed pictures.
New style double cantilever action slide lock holds any acecessory for Graphic or Graflok back.
Use any type of film -- black and white or color. Super Graphic accessories accept single sheets, film packs, 120 rolls and Polaroid films. [Note: Polaroid back shown here is obsolete.]
Wide angle, normal and most telephoto lenses are available in shutter suitable for the Super Graphic.
Three-prong, polarized flash connector cords plug into the camera body. No dangling wires around the shutter.

Super Speed Graphic

The salient feature of the Super Speed Graphic is the 1/1000 sec shutter. Below is a page from a Graflex brochure describing the wonders of the shutter.

Advertisement for Super Speed Graphic Shutter