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Posted by Les on September 07, 2000 at 11:03:58:

In Reply to: Re: Your film back posted by Gene Johnson on September 07, 2000 at 08:24:56:

: : I'm not so sure. I think he does have a Graflex back. I've included a link, but incase it doesn't work, the rule of thumb is, when the focus panel is removed from a Grafloc back two chrome bars stay with the panel. With a Graflex back the top and bottom have a small ridge that the slide lock on the camera locks onto.

: :
: : If it is a Graflex back, the film holder you need looks like the one in this auction:

: The back in the picture looks a lot like mine. The sliding bar on my camera has only two pins instead of the three in the photo. In my case, I really don't care about using the rollfilm backs.
: I have plenty of 120 cameras. I'm starting to think I might get a couple of the Graflex type holders to get started, then convert to a Grafloc. How complicated are these Grafloc backs?
: Is this something someone could make? I'm pretty handy.

: Gene Johnson
If you paid yourself 50 cents an hour it would still
be cheaper to buy it. I've included an image.
The top photo is a Grafloc back, it has the ability
to remove the ground gla s s and clamp on either a Polaroid back, a roll film holder, or a Grafmatic
The spring back, also called a Graphic Back, is accept the Polaroid back, Calumet roll holder and the Grafmatic back (the Grafmatic back is a special film holder that holds 6 sheets of film in the space of a fat double holder).

My point is there isn't much you can't do with a spring back that you can do with a Graphloc back. Grafloc backs are more expensive because of the percieved advantages. Either of these backs should screw right onto your camera by 5 or 6 screws, 3 on the bottom 2 or 3 on top and one where the film goes in.
There is one other back I haven't mentioned. It's called a magazine back or bag mag and will only fit on the Graflex back you have. these are about 1.5" thick and have a leather bag on one side. They hold (depending on the model) 12 to 18 sheets of film. They also made them with for g l a s s plates too. If you can find one where the septums (mini film holders) aren't bent and the leather doesn't have holes this might be a neat alternative to finding film holders. It's a bit combersome to use, but if you don't mind doing things the old way it's a real kick to play with.

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