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Best-selling author's new book, "The Italian Wife," features Speed Graphic

New York Times best-selling author Kate Furnivall's new book, "The Italian Wife," is now available worldwide. The book, set on the eve of World War II in Mussolini's Italy, prominently features a photographer with a Speed Graphic and a Leica.

Author Furnivall conducted research with the help of Graflex.org, and gave prominent credit in the acknowledgements!

So, head over to your local bookseller or favorite online site and buy a copy! Tell them Graflex.org sent you!

Graflex Speed Graphic Selfie Stick

"The Large Format Selfie Stick (LFSS) consists of a 45 Graflex press camera attached to the end of a thick 8-foot-long pole"

Fred Lustig, RIP

It has come to our sad attention that Mr. Fred Lustig, who repaired Graflex cameras decades into his retirement from the industry, has passed away. His knowledge and skill and his unique gifts to the community will always be missed.

NPR Graflex Crown

National Public Radio asks Help Us Solve An 'NPR' Camera Mystery but skips over the chronology of Graflex as its own Rochester company. Any idea what NPR NY is?

Carl Couchman: Coastal Textures

Carl Couchman explores the Northern California coast with TMAX — the truck.

Mark Mann Super-D 'Lucha Libre'

Mark Mann wants to photograph the masked competitors of "lucha Libre" in Mexico City using his Graflex Super-D. Pledge $20 or more to support his project and receive a print in exchange!

WPHS to put ten years of Phototographica Digest to online

The Western Photographic Historical Society of Tucson, AZ (US) has launched a new site for photographic information and photo history. (read more)

Tim Holden

We are saddened to report the passing of former Graflex employee and contributor to the Graflex Historic Quarterly, Tim Holden.

Mike Hanneman

We are saddened to report the passing of the Graflex Historic Quarterly's co-founder and publisher. Mike was an enthusiastic supporter of the Quarterly and a knowledgeable Graflex collector.

Tell your story on PBS's "History Detectives"

Graflex.org has received a request from the PBS program "History Detectives" for people with artifacts and stories about Graflex and its role in news and history. Many of our readers have submitted their stories about being involved with news and events of the day, and would be perfect for this program. Read More

Joe Rosenthal

According to the New York Times, Joe Rosenthal, who took the famous photo of US Marines raising the flag at Iwo Jima in WWII, has died.

Fred Lustig still in Graflex repair business

Fred Lustig has is still in the Graflex repair business.

Graflex Sees The War

Showing Your War Bond Dollars In Action
The Steven Cohen Gallery of Los Angeles, CA has an shows Graflex Sees the War, a set of vintage photographs produced in conjunction with Folmer Graflex for photographers from the Office of War Information, the U.S. Signal Corps, Air Force, Marine Corps and Navy.

Library of Congress exhibit on 100-year-old color photos

The Library of Congress has an exhibit on The Empire that was Russia with color photographs made from 100-year-old glass plates. Read about the technique here.

Photographer O. Winston Link dies at 86

O. Winston Link, the who made his mark on 20th century photography with hyper-realistic photographs of steam trains, passed away Tuesday, January 30. He was found in his car, outside a train station in Katonah, New York, CNN reported.

See more Graflex.Org articles about O. Winston Link here, and here.

Paramount Cords provides Graflex sync cords

Paramount Cords, manufacturer of heavy duty "Sync Cords" and products for the professional photographer, announces its new Graflex Cords service. Paramount Cords claims to be the largest manufacturer of sync cords in the world. They stock or can manufacture sync cords for any camera. See their new Graflex sync cords page for more information and photos of Bipost, Solenoid, and ASA bayonette cords, and where to use them.

Also, see our own Flash pages.

Bill Cress opens Flashbulbs.Com web site

Bill Cress, ongtime provider of flashbulbs in the US, opens his new web site.
Also, see our own Flash pages.

Flashbulbs now being manufactured in Ireland

Meggaflash has taken over production of flashbulbs, and is making and selling screw-in bulbs.  Read test report and the history of Meggaflash.

Extra! Extra! See All About It!  Photojournalism in Atlanta

Press photography and cameras in Atlanta.

Graflex Press Camera Parts & Service: Interview with Fred Lustig

Midwest Photo Exchange Sells Graflex WD Service Parts Collection. 
Fred Lustig begins service business.
Facility expanded -- phone number and address changed.

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