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Graphic Experiences

Ed Bernd 1940 A whole series of articles and reminiscences about Graphics past, great photo opportunities, and career choices.

Crown of American Cameras

[Crown Graphic] Collectible? Maybe. Classic? Definitely. The Graphic, an instrument evolved over a century, brought American camera design to a logical high point. Then both it and American professional-level camera design died. 

Graflex Speed Graphic FAQ

Pacemaker Everything you ever wanted to know... but didn't know where to ask. 

A Flash in the Reflector

Two Graflites Flashbulbs? Does anybody still use them? 
Flashbulb photography...O Winston Link...Flash bulb information... 

The Graflex R.B. Series D

Series D The Graflex Series D and Super D revolving-back single-lens reflex cameras were the last of these models made by Graflex. 

A Collector/User's View of Graflex 2x3 Graphics

Centyry Graphic It wasn't intended to be a collection - - it just sort of happened.

Weegee the Famous

Flash Noir A brief biography of Arthur Fellig, and some photographs. 

Women and Photography

Old Graflex Logo A great deal of scholarship has been focused on bringing to light the women working as photographers and photojournalists in the earlier half of the 20th century. This period roughly corresponds to the height of Graflex's popularity.

Graflex Historic Quarterly

GHQ Masthead The Graflex Historic Quarterly is a newsletter dedicated to enriching the study of the Graflex Company, its history, and products.  Look here for a sample issue.

Graflex at War

Graflex at War A sampling of pages from the book on the role of Graflex in WWII.

History of Rochester Camera and Lens Companies

A classic essay by the renowned lens designer Rudolph Kingslake. 

Tim Takahashi's Speed Graphic User Report

An article at by Tim Takahashi, Editor Emeritus of the Graflex Speed Graphic FAQ. 

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